Where Did I Park?

Picture this: you hop off the plane after an exhausting flight and slowly head to the airport parking lot, only to realize that you have absolutely no clue where you last left your car. According to Time, author Shea Serrano recently experienced this situation and was graciously helped by a parking assistant who drove him around for an hour until he found his car. Along with the help of others, Shea was able to fundraise $3000 to thank the assistant.

Now that we’re on the subject of airport parking, The Parking Spot President and CEO Kevin Shrier stopped by our Broadcast Studio last year to chat about the competitiveness of the industry with GBTA’s Heather Haley. Kevin shared how technology disruption and cost-cutting have impacted the travel space, in addition to discussing plans to expand globally and ways in which his company stays competitive.

View the full video here:

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