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GBTA Poll Shows Vast Majority of Companies Have Effective Risk Management Plans

Following the tragic terror attacks in Brussels, GBTA and our European partner associations conducted a lightning poll of our global members to assess the immediate impact and learn more about their company’s risk management plans. Below is the press release we issued today on the results. GBTA Poll Shows Vast Majority of Companies Have Effective

VEEP to Speak at GBTA Convention

This July, the already hard-fought Presidential campaigns will only continue to heat up as Convention season approaches. Everyone wants to know who will ultimately get the nominations for each party and who will be tagged as their running mates. That is why I am so pleased to announce that the Vice President will be speaking

GBTA Pleased FCC, DOT Created Federal Interagency Working Group on Aviation Communications Safety and Security Issues

Last week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) agreed to establish a Federal Interagency Working Group to more effectively collaborate and coordinate with other relevant agencies on issues that intersect their respective domains, including the safe and secure use of consumer communications onboard domestic commercial aviation. Today GBTA issued

The Super Bowl Winner? The Host City

 Businesses Spend As Cities Are Showcased For Future Business Meetings and Events It’s too early to know whether the Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers will be champions, but there is already one clear winner of Super Bowl 50: the San Francisco Bay Area. Already, business travelers are streaming into the Bay Area from across the

From Washington To Brussels: GBTA Expands Advocacy To The EU

At our record-breaking conference this November in Frankfurt, I took the stage with German Business Travel Association VDR’s Hans-Ingo Biehl to talk about advocacy efforts and policy issues in the EU that impact our industry. GBTA is working in Europe, Latin America and North America to advance business travel through advocacy. That involves educating decision

GBTA Poll Shows European Business Travel Remains Resilient Despite Paris Attacks and Threats to Brussels

Last week GBTA released a poll of U.S. business travel buyers about their company’s travel to Europe. The poll showed U.S. travel to Europe remained resilient despite the attacks. We also surveyed European business travel buyers last week and issued the following statement today regarding the survey: GBTA Poll Shows European Business Travel Remains Resilient

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