Week In Review

Week In Review We kick off this week’s news highlights with some positive news from a GBTA study released this week showing that most travel managers (72 percent) are satisfied with their salary. Average total compensation rose 6 percent year over year and the study also showed that travel managers enjoy significant benefits. Late last

U.S. Travel & Tourism Advisory Board At Work

This week, I participated in a Board meeting for the U.S. Travel & Tourism Advisory Board (TTAB).  As you may remember, I was appointed to serve on the TTAB on behalf of GBTA earlier this year.  During the meeting, four subcommittees made recommendations to the Board based on our last few months of research and

Week In Review

It was a big week for business travel in Europe as GBTA along with German business travel buyer association VDR kicked off Europe’s largest business travel conference in Berlin. The GBTA Foundation released the results of its semi-annual Western Europe business travel forecast there predicting 4.9 percent growth in business travel spending in 2014 followed

Technology is Transforming the Role of Travel Managers

Last week, the GBTA Foundation released a study that showed technology is poised to transform the role of Travel Managers within the next three to five years. Currently, Travel Managers find that tactical tasks – managing vendor relationships, developing and monitoring programs and policies, etc. – dominate their current responsibilities. Thanks in part to technology

Week In Review

The Week in Review keeps you up-to-date on the latest business travel news. We had some technical difficulties on Friday, but we’re back today with the latest in business travel news. Check back again this Friday for another wrap-up. The U.S. tightened security requirements for travelers from Europe and Asia on Monday. According to Reuters, visitors

Week In Review

The Week in Review keeps you up-to-date on the latest business travel news. This week, GBTA has been at the ITB Asia conference where we unveiled our latest business travel spend report on China and Asia Pacific. Most notably, as Travel Daily Media reported, nearly 40% of business travel spending will come from Asia Pacific.

Last Week in Review

The Last Week in Review keeps you up-to-date on the latest business travel news. Last week’s GBTA poll on how North American businesses are reacting to the Ebola situation continues to make news with coverage in Roll Call. GBTA Executive Director Mike McCormick once again spoke with the New York Times about the importance of

Week in Review

  The Week In Review post is back this week to keep you up-to-date on the latest news stories on business travel. Once again, Ebola continues to dominate the news cycle. Two Dallas nurses who treated an Ebola patient tested positive for the virus. CNN reports one of the nurses was diagnosed the day after she flew

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