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GBTA Notice of Annual Meeting

*The Notice of Annual Meeting was originally sent as an email to GBTA members eligible to vote on May 31. If you have any questions or did not receive this email and believe you should have, please contact Election Services Corp. at* NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING Annual Report; Election of Directors; Absentee Ballot Request Instructions and

Notice of Annual Meeting

Last Wednesday, all GBTA Direct and Allied members should have received the Notice of Annual Meeting via email. You may also view it below. If you did not receive it, please check your spam folder first. If it is not there, please contact Election Services Corp. by email at or call toll-free +1 866 720

GBTA Special Election Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the 2015 GBTA Special Election officially begins. No doubt you have received a few emails already detailing the process, the candidates and the Bylaw proposal on the ballot. A special meeting held via our webinar platform will kick off the election at 9 a.m. ET Tuesday morning, September 15, 2015. The sole purpose and

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